What’s a Web Host?

What’s a web host?

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Whether you’re a start up business, an expanding business or a traffic rich eCommerce website, you’ll need a web host. Depending on the hosting provider they’ll offer different options to suit your business requirements.

Web hosting is not all that different to establishing a small business. You find a suitable business name, lease a shop, and then spruce up the place.

When it comes to establishing a website you’ll need:

After they’re setup, your website will be ready for the world to admire.

Your domain name provides the address of the web host server. The web host server is where you store your website. They call it delegation, delegation ensures that your domain name directs you to your website on the hosts server.

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The server sends and receives files to your web browser so when you visit a website the information is displayed back to you. The server is managed by a hosting provider the same way a rental property is managed by a real estate agent.

The web hosting provider dictates what features they share . Not all web hosts are the same and there are dozens of options to choose from. Web hosting services may provide technical support and others will leave it up to you. Some might only provide a simple redirection service, where premium packages might provide SEO tools, email services, database storage, and script support .

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